Giving Up Is Just Not An Option…

There have been many opportunities for me to ‘give up’ in my life. Perhaps that makes me like everyone else or at the least human.

I was having a discussion with someone who I had just met over the weekend. We talked about many things, but because she (at age 55) is a fitness buff and personal trainer we could have that fitness conversation comfortably. She mentioned that she had completed 9 full marathons! I was impressed. She was equally impressed to learn that I was sprinting and planning to kick things up a notch to compete at a masters lever nationwide. At some point during the conversation, I told her that giving up was just not an option.

After I said it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Why can’t I just be like most women my age and simply be okay to gain a few pounds, buy bigger clothing, and trust that I don’t look too bad. I just can’t do it. I want to look good for my age and my condition! If I stop, or give up working out, I would provide an opportunity for MS to regain a hold in my life. So, giving up is just not an option.

I may no longer be very fast. I may not win the Senior Olympics, but I will continue to do the best I can for what I am now. So, giving up is just not an option…

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