Have your moment… Just don’t stay there.

It was the holiday weekend. My son’s football team won on Saturday morning. It was a relaxing Saturday afternoon. I ran Sunday morning. Went out to see the fireworks on Sunday night. But something was nagging at me. I knew I wasn’t feeling up to par. I did my hair 3 different ways between Sunday and Monday. That was the sign that all was not correct.

When I had the hard conversation with myself and God I realized that I’m disappointed at myself, somewhat frustrated at life on several different fronts and throw in a relentless wave of hotflashes from menopaus, and I think I can say I need a moment.

So I had my moment. I cried, shouted and screamed. Then I begged God to restore the peace that passes all understanding. And now I’m ready to face a new day. Whether I thrive in denial or not, trials, frustrations and disappointments will come. But the question is how long do you stay there?

Look at the increasing number of blogs like this one. MS patients all over the U.S. and around the world blogging about their activities and how they are ‘thriving in denial’. Don’t think for one moment that I or those people don’t have their ‘moments’. The difference is that we don’t stay there. If you want to thrive. If you want a fulfilling life. If you want to live your life your way, you have to have the moment, get to the other side of it, and then keep moving!

I didn’t take my daily injection today. After I get done writing I will. But its not the end of the world. I’ll get up, go take it, and try to remember to do it the morning tomorrow. My muscles are stiff and sore – and I didn’t work out yesterday. But my bag is packed and I’m going to work out today at lunch. Because I know that I’ll feel that much better after the work out. I can have the moment. I just can’t stay there.

No matter what you’re facing in this life, on this day. You must have this moment. You must embrace everything that comes with the moment. And then get to the other side of it. You’ll be stronger and you’ll feel better. Have the moment, just don’t stay there. The power is in the act of acknowledging that you need the moment, then having the moment, then moving on in your life.

Its a new day. Its a new opportunity to try again, or try something new. But whatever you do, have your moment – just don’t stay there.

Nancy Thomas, MS Coach/Thriving In Denial, Founder

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