All It Takes is All You’ve Got!

I got this quote printed on a tank top last summer at the 2012 Corporate Cup Relays. I wear it all the time. This time my son asked me “Mommy, what takes all you’ve got?” My response was success in what ever you choose to do. In his 7 year old wisdom, my son said “so, if I give something all I have I’ll be successful?” Well, I said, you’ll know that you did your very best, and you’ll feel good and have regrets. “Oh ok” he said, and sauntered off to play with his Nanospeed(c) cars. 

All my life I’ve been giving whatever I do, all that I have. If I have a brand or a symbol, that would be it. Whatever I do, I do it 100% – I give it all I’ve got. That’s what my mom and dad taught me and its what I’m teaching my son. What are you learning? What are you teaching?

Whether its MS, breast cancer, diabetes or heart disease, if you give it all you’ve got, you win. Regardless of what the disease does, you laid it all on the line. You win.

All it takes is all you’ve got. Are you giving it all you’ve got?

Nancy Thomas, MS Coach / Thriving In Denial, Founder

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