Dreaming of Something More…

I’ve been a bit restless lately. Perhaps the last few months. Restless about my career and restless about my passion. I believe the passion for my job is waning, as something else begins to take its place.

Now I dream of writing books, being a best selling author, publishing an online magazine, and speaking and teaching to many around the country and around the world. I’ve been in the restless place before. But this time things are different. Before, when restlessness would settle upon me, I knew it was time to find new employment. I’d talk to God about it, then follow his lead. He’d, set me up with a nmber of interviews. Some jobs seemed close and within my grasp and others were obviously not for me. God would always lead me to the right company, the right position, the right salary, and off I’d go on the latest adventure. But this time is different.

I’m feeling restless in a new way. My passion about my job is waning as it surfaces in new forms. Although I’ve been a closet writer all my life, I now feel compelled to ‘come out of the closet’. The plethora of self publishing companies that make it easy to publish your work if for no one other than your self are compelling in and of themselves. So I’ve written my first book. And there are more to follow the first.

Then I saw a website about a woman who also has MS and I was totally blown away. This very experienced lady was blogging and writing, and hanging out with Dr. Oz and quite fankly, this woman was thriving in denial and enjoying the latter half of her life! I want to do the same!

So I’m admitting that I’m dreaming of something more. Different than what I’m doing. I want something bigger, better and more. And I’m going after it…

Nancy Thomas
Thriving in Denial Founder/CEO, MS Coach

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