&The MS Manifesto… What a ride this has been!

More than a month ago,  I wasn’t so sure about Kickstarter or the whole ‘crowd funding’ concept. The videos and artwork looked really professional. The projects were outstanding for the most part, and I just coudln’t imagine me being good enough.  But curiousity got the best of me, and the more I looked on the website, the more I realized that the people who submitted projects were no different than me. They had a dream and went for it. And I decided to do it.

Just as they suggested it took about 3 weeks to put my application together. Yes, you have to submit your project and be accepted. At every point that I thought I was ready to submit my project, I’d learn something new, tweak something else or find something else to change. My original goal was to submit my project on my birthday 10/18. That date came and went… at times it seemed like an endless exercise futility. I’d get frustrated and give up. And a day later, I’d be right back at it again.

Today, I am waiting for my final response from Kickstarter. The project, the story, the rewards, the budget, and my Amazon Payment verfication were submitted on last Thursday. And I await their answer. Will they accept it? Will they have additional changes? Will I reach my fund raising goals? By the way, at, its all or nothing. If I don’t raise the entire amount that I need, all of the funds raised go back to the investors! Its a tough crowd and a tough scene at Kickstarter. Exactly why I want my project to be there versus soem of the other crowd funding sites. I view Kickstarter kind of like the ‘Shark Tank’ of crowd funding. They are the hardest, the most demanding, its all or nothing – go big or go home. Hopefully attached to this post is the video that I’m submitting w/my Kickstarter project. Or the one that I can download – Technology is awful tempermental! LOL

But I feel good now because I did what I set out to do. I Submited the application. I wrote the book. The process even forced me to reach out and contact people for endorsements of the book! I was so excited at some of the enthusiasm of those I approached. Its going to be awesome! I can’t wait! But now, I just need to say YES!

Fingers crossed… hands behind back… praying on my knees… every little bit helps! smile…

I’ll keep you posted…

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