Still running… Even when you know you’re not the fastest anymore.

Perhaps its no coincidence that my spirit lead me to these photos of the 2013 Corporate Cup Relays from July 2013. That weekend was again, magical for me. My dream of being back out on the track and sprinting was happening. I had trained, lost weight, lifted weights, and did everything I could to get these legs to move as fast as they could.

But alas, I wasn’t the fastest anymore. I didn’t eat up the first curve like I used to. I didn’t hand off the baton in first like I used to. And I didn’t shoot gracefully out of the blocks like a ball from a cannon. Nope, I didn’t do much technically right in that race. But I was there. And that was the important part.

The victory was in getting out there again. The victory was trying and never giving up. The victory was that in my heart, I was still able to be in such a peaceful state, because I was on the track. The place and where God and I have spent a lot of time together.

So, I know there are hundreds of other projects on right now. I know that there are vastly better and more professional videos than my own. But yet, I submitted anyway. I wrote the book for my own healing and for others as they need it. Kickstarter is just a platform. Kickstarter can’t take away the joy, the nerves, the excitement and the relief. Kickstarter can’t take it away because it didn’t give those things to me. The joy, peace, nerves and excitement came in my trying…

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