Suck It Up Cup Cake & Unbolt!

Suck it up Cupcake and Unbolt are just two of the BRILLIANT sentiments that occur when you’re trust your gut and ‘release’ the fastener that’s kept you pinned up! Other people feel free to do the same.

Thank you to these ladies for recognizing that encouragement comes in all shapes, sizes and descriptors! LOL

There is power in our words. I am an unapologetic believer in Christ and His word. In it He says that words have power, and that the power of the tongue is serious stuff (paraphrased of course). Nevertheless, it is this power of words and the tongue that we should wield more often and more carefully, as we strive to thrive in denial of life, stuff and people we encounter!

It is time for us to arise. Release the words that have been planted within us! Let us help others to heal, push past the pain and do what needs to be done!




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