Dr. Stewart (my budding 11 yr old dr of myrmecology or entomology) had an incident at school yesterday.

Yes the ‘boy who would be king of the ants’ got into a physical altercation with another student on the playground. Apparently Dr. Stewart (yes we think positively in our house) saw a classmate literally stomping on an innocent CATERPILLAR as they came out for recess. Dr. Stewart tried to intervene on behalf of the poor insect. The student refused to listen and Dr. Stewart became furious, lost control and shoved/punched the classmate.

Of course the student told a teacher and off to the Principals office went my Dr. Stewart. I got the phone call and listened to the Principal struggle to restrain laughter and I did as well. Regardless of what we thought Dr. Stewart needed a reminder about self control.

Is this a sign of times to come? Will I be bailing Dr. Stewart out of jail for protesting the hunting of whales? He never did like coloring! Dr. Stewart taught us a timely lesson yesterday.



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