img_1050Many people are ‘thinking differently’ for many different reasons these days. Whether your chosen presidential candidate won or lost, you’re thinking differently these days. Whether you’re experiencing a lay off or thinking about plunging into a new career, you’re thinking differently.

I met a dynamic woman here in Portland who challenged me to ‘think differently’. She said that it was imperative that I see myself and think of myself differently. Not just the career corporate contract manager, but to see ALL of the skills and gifts that I possess. She said I needed to ‘think differently’. Admittedly, at first I was clueless. I was having trouble comprehending how to move forward, separate myself from what happened and how to articulate what I wanted to do. Let’s face it, I took a chance. But the truth is that I have no regrets. As my husband says, it may have been a partial corporate fit (meaning that I had the experience and education) but it wasn’t a good personal fit (meaning they figured out they didn’t like me or something about me) and the relationship ended quickly. Too quickly for me to have an exit strategy or game plan. Too quickly for me to even begin to network and meet people in the community. It just ended.

So now after 4 months time and a barrage of resume submission and interviews and well intended people who swore they could help my job search, its clear that despite how awesome, phenomenal and impressive I am, no one wants to hire a black woman who could easily take their job. Even when she only wants to make a contribution. Now I have to ‘think differently’. But what does that mean to me?

I think it means that I should appreciate what I’ve done. I think it means that I need to recognize the skills that I’ve amassed over the years. And I think it means that no company can put a value on me, my education, my skills or my life. Whew, that was a mouthful to think, write and realize! Yeah, no corporation is going to ever going to truly value me.

So I’m thinking differently. I’m thinking that I can utilize my skills and experience as a consultant. I’m thinking that I can join other consultants that might need my skills from time to time. I’m thinking I need to finish writing all of the books I have in cue. I’m thinking I’m going to be alright. Perhaps better than just alright. I’m going to think differently and be just fine!

Thriving in Denial!!! Even with a 28lb Mahi fish… LOL

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