Pride in my many faces…

Don’t laugh, but have you ever looked at photos of yourself in a collection? I did this recently and it was a little comical and thought provoking. I assembled these photos because I was emailing back and forth with an indy film producer about whether I would be a good fit for a part he was casting and he asked for a current head shot. Of course I didn’t have any, so I pulled these photos to give him a sense of who I am. In the end, it showed ME my many faces!

When I found all of these photos I recalled that each one represented a different mood and a different role that I play at any given time in my life. Some photos obviously chronicled the emotional natural hair journey I’ve been on for about 4 years. Some showing off my ultra long armed “selfie” skills. I often share that it took more than 50 years for technology to catch up with me and reveal what my extra long arms were really made for – taking selfies! And some photos are me just having fun! How else can I explain taking photos with SNICKER BARS with emotions on the wrappers??!?!?!

I’m at the age and stage in life where I’m comfortable in my own skin. That comfort, confidence and contentment allows me to step back and take a moment to have some giggle pride in the many faces of me! No comments necessary on beauty or hair – LOL. It’s just me sharing a moment of fun and taking pride in just being me.  So go ahead and laugh out loud – because I did!

Then go through your phone and laptop and pull together all of those ‘you’ photos you can find. Throw them together onto a page, grab a cup of coffee and smile, LOL, giggle and enjoy! It really feels good!

Enjoy the many faces of you! the-many-faces-of-nancy-pt-1the-many-faces-of-nancy-pt-2

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