Time for a fresh start…

You’ve recovered from Turkey over kill, Black Friday shopping, Small Business Saturday support of your community and you’ll cruise into cyber Monday with a list of websites in between conference calls! LOL… And with the merriment of the holiday season, it felt like time to clean house and freshen up.

What does a fresh start look and feel like right in the middle of holiday melee?

  • Tonight I updated and reformatted my blog site – it feels fresher!
  • A couple of days ago I signed up with the Women Speakers Association
  • I’m in the process of registering my new construction company as a MWBE to do business in Oregon and I am the CEO – I even got business cards to prove it! LOL
  • Recently my son and I started archery lessons on the traditional recurve bow – sooo much fun!
  • I’m taking classes on tax law these days and providing basic tax preparation and contract management / business consultation  for small businesses with another MWBE – serious girl power!
  • I’m valuing myself – I don’t need an employer to value what God has already placed in me for His glory!

Yes, it was time for a fresh start… Take advantage of this holiday season and start fresh! Only you know what it is for you, but I’m betting there is something that requires your attention and fresh perspective. Now is the time for a fresh start…


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