Bring on the humor!

MS isn’t funny. I get that. But I battle MS and other life obstacles with a generous dose of humor! Laughing at myself is as critical to my thriving as ‘being impeccable for my 50%’. (More about that concept later)

So when I got the message that my blog had a new follower “DINOSAURSDONKEYSANDMS” I laughed til tears streamed from my eyes! It was the good old fashioned belly laugh out loud kind of laugh. And the donkey laying down on the front page made me start laughing all over again! You owe it to yourself to check him out on WordPress (DINOSAURSDONKEYSANDMS) and twitter (@dizzythedonkey). Thank you for that laugh!!!

Granted my blog ( and my tweets (@ThrvngNDenial) are 🥊 in the gut, get over yourself kind of comments and philosophies. No sympathy and no education about MS. DINOSAURSDONKEYSANDMS does a great job of teaching about MS. But for me, I’ll just laugh and learn my way through this!

Give me humor or give me death!😂. Check out @DIZZYTHEDONKEY. Smile and laugh out loud! Get over yourself and begin to live YOUR life YOUR way!

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