Whew! We survived Mt Hood for New Year’s Eve weekend and will definitely return next year! The little guy is back in school (woohoo!) And now we can all get back to a normal routine. What an incredible year and OMG what will 2017 be like? Well, its totally up to you…

Map to Mt Hood Ski Bowl & Winter Amusement Park, OREGON ROCKS!

Admittedly some really crazy things happened in 2016 – but then again, some awesome learning took place too!

TOP TEN LESSONS from 2016…

10. Don’t let the life lessons of a child pass you by! Children have wisdom to teach.

9. True insanity to doing the same thing, the same way, again and again expecting a different outcome. Save your nerves and move on!

8. When the cheese moves, don’t ignore it. Find another cheese station.

7. If the people around you don’t support you in your positive endeavors and vibe, get new people around you!

6. Just because you’ve never done something doesn’t mean you can’t or you shouldn’t try.

5. Love is a foreign language, know what you language you speak! And no how to translate it!

4. If you want more friends in your life, be a friend to more!

3. PLEASE stop telling people what you’re going to do differently! Just do it – trust me they’ll notice.

2. If the lesson learned hurt like hell, there is much growth coming! Just wait.

1. Do or do not. There is no try. (Thanks Yoda!)


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