Transplanting Her Majesty…

Some of you may recall earlier this year that my 11 yr old son got bitten by the myrmecology bug (no pun intended) and before I knew it, I had flown 3 Queen Ants and their eggs from England! Well of course the Queens had to have an appropriate ‘formicarium’. They couldn’t have a regular old ‘ant farm’ like most ants…

julians-3-queens   from there to here  transplanting-a-queen

Yeah, that’s what we call Moving On Up! LOL. And don’t laugh but I had to have the formicarium flown in as well. The original one Dr Stewart (that’s we call our son) wanted couldn’t be imported into the US! Go figure….

Last time I went out with a hyper ventilating child, worried to death about the ants who had recently arrived, to find the perfect black and cushioned box so the 3 Queens wouldn’t be disturbed. So this time when Dr. Stewart wanted to transplant the 2 Queens (did I mention my husband killed one trying to put sugar in their test tube!) into their new abode, my husband had the take up the mantle. Queen No.1 was successfully transplanted as seen above. Dr. Stewart says she’s already burried her eggs! But mommy forgot that she needed to order 2 formicariums!!! These Ants are expensive!!! So off my husband and our hyperventilating Dr. Stewart went to PetCo to try to cheaply create a simararly sized formicarium for Queen No.2! I laughed as he went out the door, fussing the whole way and Dr. Stewart chatting unceasingly about what kind of formicarium he needed!

Its really easy to NOT think of yourself, your fatigue, your medicine or your MS, when you’re watching the child in your life, display his newest passion!

Lesson learned for MS Patients – find something else to focus on besides your self! Give up the pity party and focus on something or someone else. You will survive…

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