I was invited to a panel of PHENOMENAL women speakers by WOMENS SPEAKER ASSOCIATION to chat online about health and wealth! What a phenomenal experience. I was humbled to be with powerful women from Jamaica, Canada, South Africa via England, Missouri and myself in Oregon. It was lots of fun.

What does body health have to do with business wealth? In short, you can’t have the business wealth w/o the body health – period. All of these women have or are launching entrepreneur endeavors. It was incredible!

My message was pretty straight forward. You HAVE to be your own best advocate in order to live YOUR life YOUR way! Although my perspective is from health, recovery and thriving with chronic illness, your quality of life is and will be based on how you advocate for yourself on all levels!

Do you advocate for yourself with your doctors and/or nurse practitioners? (Remember they consult for YOU and YOU make the decisions!)

Do you advocate for yourself with the people who love you? (Remember they will treat you according to the clues and instructions you give! They’ll love you the way you want to be loved!)

Do you advocate for yourself when products you’ve purchased aren’t quite right? When a service provider hasn’t performed up to expectations? (Do you fight for what is right and more importantly what you paid for?!)

Do you advocate for others when they give you FANTASTIC customer service? (Remember to take the time to find the manager of the store and give them the name of the associate that was so helpful!)

All of this is advocating for yourself. And you can’t have business or professional success if you don’t advocate for you! Your personal health has EVERYTHING to do with your business wealth!

Check out the whole interview on YOUTUBE on the WSA channel! Enjoy and be empowered to advocate for yourself!




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