Life comes at you fast! So MS doesn’t give you exclusivity on wanting to give up or quit…


Sometimes you just have a really shi–y day or days! And recently I’ve had them. My property in Cincinnati flooded – thanks to freezing pipes. The kitchen was destroyed floor to ceiling and my hardwood flooring throughout the first floor had to be rescued from the water. Since the day we got the phone call,  every morning I wake up to a gaggle of messages waiting for a response from the remediation contractor, the insurance adjuster and the property manager. (When I wake up at 6:00 am its 9:00 am there!) All of this and we’re 3 hours behind EST and 2500 miles away. The plumber doesn’t wait for insurance payments and wanted payment immediately.  So if I said I felt like giving up or quitting you might understand why. BUT, I haven’t given up and I won’t quit. Even after giving the plumber $$ I didn’t have, I take each day one at a time, preparing for a new fight the next day.

I could say that I’m stressed and I would be correct. I could say that I’m tired and I would be correct about that too. I could say that I’d like to  pull the covers over my head and simply stay in bed all day, telling people that I just don’t feel good today. I would be correct about that as well. But let’s be clear about something important. NONE of these feelings are attributable to MS! Sometimes life comes at you FAST and you have a choice…Either figure out how to deal with and live through the crap or beg for sympathy from your friends who will listen, and blame it all on that damn MS!

Yes, things suck right now. But that’s life. I’ll get through this like I have everything else. And no MS plays no part in how I feel. I’m NEVER tired because of MS. I’m tired because I did two exercise classes and burned over 1000 calories! I’m not stressed about MS or my permanently changed life. I’m a little stressed because I’m trying to coordinate contractors and insurance companies from 2500 miles away! Or I might be a little stressed because I didn’t think it would take this long to find my next ‘corporate family’. How I feel and what I’m experiencing isn’t about MS, its about life!

Yeah sometimes I want to give up and quit. But its not because of MS! It’s because life comes at you fast! Then 2 seconds later, the athlete mentality in me takes over. I identify options and start strategizing on how to win the next round. I may lose a round or two, but I NEVER lose the battle! My dad used to ask me all the time – did you try your hardest? did you do your best? If the answer was ‘yes’, then that was all he could ask for. But if the answer was ‘no’, he wanted to know what I was going to do differently next time. Is there something you need to do differently so you’re better prepared for the next ‘battle’ of life?

MS doesn’t govern your life. You are the living and breathing entity – NOT MS! In most cases, you are only in control of 50% of what happens to and around you. Be impeccable for the 50% that you control and keep moving forward! Don’t lay blame where it doesn’t belong. So long as you live and breathe and wake up in the morning, stuff will happen!

Have your moment. In fact have a quick pity party! (It’s effective) Then embrace the situation and plan to work through it. You might think about giving up or quitting but you simply can NOT do either!

If life comes at you fast, move faster! No excuses needed…


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