My 11 year old son is working on a book project based on author Pam Munoz Ryan called  Esperanza Rising. For those who might remember, its the story of a wealthy Mexican teenage girl and the life changing events that lead to a huge reversal of her life and her fortune. (That’s the short version)

One of the major themes of Esperanza Rising is perseverance. My son and I discussed this theme and I showed him the definition of perseverance. And that’s why I’m writing this blog…


I’ve had a number of people question my logo – Thriving in Denial. Some thought it initially felt or sounded negative. One recent consultant wanted  detailed explanation. “I don’t get it” she said. So if Thriving In Denial doesn’t quite make sense for you, perhaps I can offer another definition – PERSEVERANCE. Put’s it in perspective eh?

So as I was helping my son connect the dots of the theme of perseverance in the book Esperanza Rising, I realized that behind all THRIVING IN DENIAL is PERSEVERANCE. Since I’m a visual learner, let me share my thought…


See, THRIVING IN DENIAL is really about the culmination of perseverance, determination, tenacity, stamina and endurance. Although all of the words are from the same synonym family, they all have slightly different connotations. As an athlete, I can tell you that each concept is slightly different but still as crucial a piece as the whole. Again allow me to illustrate…


There is a little bit of each of these concepts needed to THRIVE, whether you have MS, CANCER, FIBROMYALGIA,  LUPUS,  or NONE of these or other life altering diseases, you will require a measure of these concepts to THRIVE in life. STOP. PAUSE… 

In other words, just because you have a ‘disease’ doesn’t mean you have exclusivity on the need to THRIVE in DENIAL! Thriving in Denial is about thriving in life from all perspectives. In truth, you thrive in denial of crap at your job. You thrive in denial of a failure – you get back up and try it again! You thrive in denial of the fact that life comes at you fast – remember? You assess, adapt and act. That’s life coming at you fast, and that is THRIVING IN DENIAL.

How do I do what I do? THRIVING IN DENIAL using tools like perseverance, tenacity, endurance, determination & stamina. I did this BEFORE I ever knew about MS. Essentially I’ve been living like this for decades BEFORE I ever had to contemplate my own immune system attacking the myelin protecting my brain! My family, can tell you story after story of my efforts and success THRIVING IN DENIAL of obstacles and situations at any point in my life. THRIVING IN DENIAL is how I live. The tools are how I do it!

So I challenge you to think differently about EVERYTHING! Utilize perseverance as the weapon of success that it is! THRIVE IN DENIAL of anything standing in the way of your plans of happiness, peace and prosperity.


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