Therapeutic bead stringing…

My husband and I have fallen into a therapeutic habit of stringing beads for jewelry. We sit at the dining table, pour a glass of whatever we have to drink, he makes his delish popcorn and we talk. String and talk. By the time we’re done, I’ve created something for myself and he’s created another INCREDIBLE ‘man’ crafted bracelet for his DIRTY BASTARD line of accessories. (You can find him and his ‘man’ crafted natural shaving & beard products and accessories at I digressed….

Stringing  beads is sooo therapeutic…

1. The refined muscle skills used when ‘threading’, tying and knotting are EXCELLENT for invigorating tired muscles and joints

2. The process of patterning the beads is emotionally stimulating and visually pleasing

3. The entire process BEGS self reflection for that period of time as the mind is freed from the never ending barrage of active thought processes

4. There is great personal satisfaction when involved in creative processes as the neurons of the brain fire signals all over the place (plaque marks not withstanding)

5. It just feels good! In the end I have a new peace of jewelry to wear, my husband has a new piece to sell and we had unfettered communication time unbridled by normal every day inputs

So although it may sound crazy it’s cheaper than a therapist and the end result is immediately enjoyed every time!

String some beads…THRIVE IN DENIAL…And live YOUR life YOUR way! ENJOY!😂🎉🎊


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