If you haven’t guessed by now, THRIVING IN DENIAL is NOT just about people with MS, chronic disease or other illnesses. It’s really about life! Snickers has said it and I’ll keep repeating it… Life comes at you fast! What do you do about it?

In the case of this book, when you’re in law school, life comes at you fast, and so does the reality that no matter how good you think you are, there are statistically only 10% that make law review and thus the top of the class. So does life stop because you didn’t make the top ten percent? Do you give up and quit because its too hard? NO! You dig in, get some help, grind it out and give it your best, and you GRADUATE! Now that is THRIVING IN DENIAL FROM A LAW SCHOOL PERSPECTIVE!

I wrote this book originally to keep track of the advice I was giving to people about law school. I kept having the same conversations with parents, students, etc. My husband told me to write it all down – so I did! Voila! The Other 90% was born.

In relation to law school, THRIVING IN DENIAL is knowing that you’re going to survive the hardest 3 years of your life, regardless of where you fall in the class rankings and that your legal career will THRIVE whether you got picked up by a top ten law firm or not!

Law school was not easy. Most of the time it sucked. But like a good round of golf, eventually I’d hit a shot good enough to make me come back for more – or not quit! The Other 90% is a great read for the person thinking about law school, the person in law school, trying to figure out why they are doing ‘it’ to themselves, or the person who just graduated and perhaps didn’t pass the bar exam yet.

The Other 90% is written to encourage, nurture and resurrect self confidence in the life of a person going through it or who just completed. The truth is that the secret to THRIVING IN DENIAL of not being at the top of the class or not passing the bar is knowing that you’re still going to make it! Perhaps not the way you first imagined.

So don’t laugh, but I wrote the book, listed it on AMAZON but never marketed the book. But this year is 2017 and its going to be different for a lot of people and for me! (thriving in denial) I’m going to share and encourage others from that legal experience.

Know someone that might benefit from a little encouragement? Get the book on AMAZON and send it to them electronically! It’s a quick and uplifting read! And perhaps if I get good enough I’ll figure out how to offer it on my website! LOL